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Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission
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The SEWFRC receives enumerated funding from the Wisconsin Legislature on an annual basis authorized under ACT 348, Wisconsin Statutes.

Only projects within the planning area are eligible for funding from the SEWRFC.

View the Implementation Planning Area Boundary Map.

View the full Implementation Plan: 2011 - 2020


- Feasibility Studies
- Construction Projects
- Rehabilitation
- Navigation Aids
- Channel Dredging

Dean Falkner


Eligible activities include:
  • Feasibility Studies

  • Construction Projects - (erosion control, rain gardens, bio-retention swales, shoreline restoration, etc.)

  • Rehabilitation

  • Navigation Aids

  • Channel Dredging

The SEWFRC requires that each project funded, at a minimum, provide a 10% matching contribution. This match can be through monetary or in-kind volunteer time.


The following requirements apply if you are planning on proposing a project to the Commission:
  • A formal presentation to the Commission including:
    An identified Project Manager
    Project Narrative
    Project Budget
    Timeline for Completion

  • An electronic version of the presentation should be submitted to the Commission at least one week in advance of formal presentation

  • A Commitment to completing the project in a timely manner and the maintenance of all documents & the securing of all appropriate permits

  • Periodic Status Reports to the Commission

  • Submitting the Cost Share Agreement Form

After the presentation, the SEWFRC further determines project eligibility by grading the acceptance criteria. To do this the Commission uses the Project Evaluation Form. Although exceptions do apply, this typically takes place at the following monthly meeting along with a project acceptance determination.

Public bidding requirements apply to units of government conducting projects in cooperation with the SEWFRC.

If you are interested in the Commission or presenting a project proposal, please contact Dean Falkner, SEWFRC Chairman at:
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