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Building upon the foundation of water resources management and environmental protection, the Fox River Commission will continue to assist communities to maintain the middle Fox River as an asset for the people of Southeastern Wisconsin. In fulfilling their mandate, the Fox River Commission continues to build partnerships with communities, organizations and municipalities.

Most recently, the Fox River Commission has joined with the Fox River Basin Partnership to reproduce and distribute informational materials to local communities and community organizations within their jurisdiction. Other initiatives include the implementation of a shoreland protection structure demo project at Elm Island and enhancement of navigation in the vicinity of Grand Drive in the Town of Waterford.


- Mukwonago Shoreline Stabil.
- Idlewood Drive Storm Water
- Big Bend Canoe Launch
- Grand Drive / Buena Park

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When the Rainbow Springs Golf Course went out of business, the WDNR purchased the land so it could repair the Mukwonago River. The goal was to improve navigability, provide bank stabilization, enhance wildlife / fisheries habitat and protect and enhance water quality.

Mukwonago River / Rainbow Springs Project
The Problem
The first part of this project was to prepare the area in order to remove seven culverts.

Mukwonago River / Rainbow Springs Project
The Solution
Once the culverts are removed, water flow and navigation will be greatly improved.

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Similar to and directly across the river from the completed Indianhead Park project, the north side of the Mukwonago River has been even more severely eroded due to the steeper banks. This project is currently in the preliminary stages of construction document development, and the final design will involve a combination of bioengineering techniques, mainly coir fiber logs and stacked soil bags.

Mukwonago River Shoreline Stabilization Project
Native Plants & Vegetation
These bio techniques will incorporate native plant plugs and a buffer area of native vegetation will be implemented at least 25' back from the bank. This buffer area will consist of native seed, trees and shrubs. This project will incorporate species of native vegetation that are indigenous to the Mukwonago River watershed.

Mukwonago River Shoreline Stabilization Project
The Village of Mukwonago will be working in conjunction with We Energies and a private property owner to stabilize and restore this stretch of the riverbank.


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